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All initiatives that an organization undertakes, from individual and leadership development to ​key initiatives (such as business transformation and the like) ultimately has to impact the organization. Culture and Climate survey provide the evidence (positive, neutral or negative) and validation for the change.

Based on the data collected in the culture survey, a comprehensive report is generated. The tailored report includes a summary of key findings, interpretations and key recommendations. Issues which will be addressed in such a report can be:


  • key differences between the declared and existing culture

  • sub-cultures and their alignment with the main organizational culture

  • main factors driving the culture within the organization

  • areas that may need special attention

  • recommendations on how to close gaps between the declared and existing culture

Once this information is known, a comprehensive culture development plan can be prepared which will give a blueprint to work by, in creating the ideal culture.


Online climate surveys measure the internal climate, or the general feel of how staff view their jobs, and their work environment.


The types of issues which can be included in a climate survey may include (amongst others):


  • the physical work environment

  • enjoyment of work

  • rewards and recognition

  • management practices

  • leadership, including vision

  • understanding of the business

  • opportunities to develop

  • promotional possibilities, career progression

  • customer focus of the business

  • relevance of work to business objectives

  • compliance with legislation in regard to employment

The online climate survey is a useful tool which enables management to get a snapshot of the general feeling of staff. It provides management with information to assist in decision-making and provide alerts to areas requiring urgent attention.

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