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Starting Point Pte Ltd (Startingpoint) began in 2014.

Startingpoint has its roots in OTI Consulting and Capelle Consulting (a merger between OTi Consulting and SDC Consulting, rebranded in 2010)

We started with the license to certify, sell and deliver the Wiley DiSC solutions. This was against a backdrop of an OD consulting approach in delivering practical, people-focused solutions to organizations.

In building up the business over the years, we have since added on other frameworks to strengthen our delivery in the Recruitment/Selection, Cohesive Team, Trust Building, Surveys (and Talent Management) and Executive Coaching areas. This is so that we are able to provide a complete solution on the people-related issues that faces organizations everyday.

We partner with the best so that you may have the best possible solutions that can be customized for your unique needs.

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