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Surveys give us the overall sensing the organisation or a group of people. The purpose of surveys are to set a baseline, in the first instance, and then to understand how a change initiative (either by way of training or development or changes in structure and initiatives etc.,) has impacted the organisation/team. It is gross information subject to the context for the application. Properly designed and administered surveys can be very insightful for the organisation.


Suggested Toolkit:

Culture Survey

Measures the existing culture the gaps between the ideal culture and the existing culture. Issues which will be addressed in such a report can be:

• Key differences between the declared and existing culture

• Sub- cultures and their alignment with the main organizational culture

• Main factors driving the culture within the organization

• Areas that may need special attention

• Recommendations on how to close gaps between the declared and existing culture

Climate Survey


Measures the internal climate, or the general feel of how staff view their jobs, and their work environment.

The types of issues which can be included in a climate survey may include (amongst others):

The physical work environment

Enjoyment of work

Rewards and recognition

Management practices

Leadership, including vision

Understanding of the business

Opportunities to develop

Promotional possibilities, career progression

Customer focus of the business

Relevance of work to business objectives

Compliance with legislation in regard to employment