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We have been certifying DiSC Trainers/Consultants since we first became DiSC Authorised Partners back in the late 1990s. Individuals are granted a Certificate that would enable then to be called DiSC Behavioural Trainers/Consultants.

We offer an online pre- and post-course Learning Centre with a 2-day programme that would equip individuals to professionally:

1. Administer the DiSC profile;

2. Interpret the DiSC profile;

3. Process the data in context;

4. Apply the DiSC concepts and tools into their specific applications.

We conduct the certification as a public session (every other month) as well as an in-house programme when companies have a greater need to have a few of their staff (to HR and Line Managers or Internal Trainers) certified. In an in-house session, we are also able to customise the session to the specific application of the company.

Suggested toolkit

• Facilitation Kits ( complete with Trainer’s Guide (fully scripted), Participant’s Handbook and Presentation Slides with embedded videos, for easy delivery of DiSC programmes)

• Epic Account (administrator sub-account) - in order to have full control of administration to report generation, on demand, anytime.